ABC Empire State Board Endorses Oryx Insurance

Oct 22, 2012Press Release

Binghamton, NY (October, 22 2012) – Oryx Insurance Brokerage Inc., is pleased to announce the affiliation with the Associated Builders and Contractors, Empire State Chapter (ABC).

The Board of Trustees of the ABC Compensation Trust met on Thursday October 18, 2012 to discuss the current status of the trust and its future.   After considerable discussion, the conclusion of the Board of Trustees was that it was in the best interests of the members of the trust to discontinue operations effective 12/31/12.   A letter was sent on Friday October 19, 2012 to each member alerting them of the trust termination and new affiliation with Oryx Insurance.

Stephen M. Lefebvre, President of the ABC, Empire State Chapter stated, “Oryx Insurance is a full service insurance brokerage specializing in the construction industry.   Their product offering goes far beyond workers compensation coverage and it is our feeling that our members stand to benefit from their service and outstanding reputation in the industry”.   Mr. Lefebvre went on to say, “One of the key benefits of this new relationship is that Oryx is a wholesale broker on an open basis which means that you can work with the insurance agent/broker you are most comfortable with.   In talking with many insurance professionals we learned that Oryx is the market of choice for their construction clients and this confirmed our decision.”

“Oryx is thrilled by the ABC endorsement”, commented Thomas A. Pasquale, President of Oryx Insurance. “We are familiar with many of the accounts and appreciate the opportunity provided to us. We have worked very hard over the past 16 years distinguishing ourselves as an expert in construction insurance. Oryx is ready to help the ABC during this transtion and we look forward to working with their membership”.  

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