Loss Control Library

Oryx Insurance offers a flexible array of safety training and educational materials that provide both technical guidance and general safety and training resources. These resources can assist you in developing unique solutions that aid your company in controlling hazards, training employees, and solving risk management problems. 

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Note:  For OSHA forms and logs, please go to the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health website at https://www.osha.gov/.  

Accident Prevention
Adopting the “Global Harmonization Standard” (GHS)
Annual OSHA Training 2018
Basic Jobsite Safety
Benefits of a Return-To-Work Program
Checklist for Determining Compensability
Claim Reporting
Claims 10 Steps
Communications Outline
Disability Benefits & Workers’ Compensation
Employer’s Procedures for Filing Workers’ Compensation Claim
Employers Sick & Vacation Time and Workers’ Compensation
Injury/Illness Investigation Checklist
Fall Protection
Forklift Program
Forklift Safety
Keys to an Effective Return-To-Work Program
Ladder Use and Behaviors
Ladder Safety
Lift Truck Operator Control Program
Loss Control Policy
Return to Work Program Guide
Safety Orientation Checklist
Safety Motivation
Safety Committee
Safety Training Orientation Checklist
Self-Inspection Program
Scaffold Safety Checklist
Timely Claim Reporting
Timely Workers’ Compensation Claim Reporting
True Costs of Accidents
Uninsured Subcontractors
What is Return-To-Work?
Workers’ Compensation Discrimination
Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment
5 Steps in Reducing Employer’s Workers’ Compensation Costs
10 Tips to Fight Workers’ Compensation Costs

Fleet Loss Control

Accident Analysis Fleet
Basic Driving Practice
Fleet LC Program
Fleet Safety Guide
Loss Control Best Practice Matrix

Loss Control

Loss Control Accident Analysis
Loss Control Accident Investigation
Loss Control Job Hazard Analysis
Loss Control Safer Lifting
Loss Control Safety Rules

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