Oryx Insurance Has Zero Tolerance To Fraud

Nov 1, 2012Press Release

Recent success story from the Oryx Claims Department. 

The claimant was injured while in course of his employment.   The claim was established by the Workers’ Compensation Board for low back and left leg with an AWW of $400.00. While receiving workers’ compensation benefits, the claimant plead guilty in Criminal Court to Criminal Possession and Sale of Controlled Substance in the 3rd degree.  

Oryx’s Claim Staff:
Oryx’s Claims Staff raised fraud taking the stand that the claimant returned to work selling controlled substance, earning income and failed to notify the carrier. We raised that the claimant committed fraud and should be disqualified from receiving benefits pursuant to WCL §114-a.

Reserved Decision by NYS WCB dated 11/14/2012 ruled in our favor indicating the claimant did in fact violate §114-a and benefits under WC are forfeited.

According to OSHA, companies that treat their workers fairly and with concern have the fewest job injuries and fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. As a supervisor, here are the Top 10 proactive things you can do to fight WC fraud in the workplace: Fighting WC Fraud in the Workplace 

Fraud detection is just one of the specialized services that Oryx provides to our customers.  When it comes to claims management, we stand alone!

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